Michael Berry - Elementary Principal

ABA provides and international education of the highest
quality to enable students to be confident responsible,
caring, life-long learners

ABA is a mission driven school.  Our mission outlines the school’s purpose for the administration, teachers, students and parents.  It is a statement that each of us knows and believes in wholeheartedly.  In November of 2012, the IB visited ABA and evaluated each of our three programmes (PYP, MYP and Diploma).  In their report it was noted that the mission, vision and value statements of ABA were a guiding force for all stakeholders of the school.

As a PYP school we embrace inquiry in our teaching and learning. Our teachers strive to develop students’ research, communication, self-management, social and thinking skills. After all, as the world is changing so quickly we have to prepare our students for jobs that have not yet been created. The international curriculum offered at ABA encourages the students to question, collaborate, problem solve and lead investigations to develop these essential learning skills.

We pride ourselves in being a caring school.  Teachers, parents and students work together to create and nurture a triangular relationship that fosters strong communication.  This communication between home and school is vital as it allows our teachers to truly know and make meaningful connections with their students.  In doing so, the children realize that they are cared for at school enabling them to feel free to take chances and become risk takers in a safe learning environment.  Furthermore, by truly knowing each of their students, teachers are better able to support each child’s learning by differentiating instruction as they truly understand how their students learn best.  Because of our teachers and the relationships that they build with the students and their families, children love to come to school each day, something that we do not take for granted.

I trust you will learn more about ABA as you visit our website. It reflects the passion we have of teaching allowing our students to be able meet the demands of this rapidly changing world.

Dr. Michael Berry
Elementary Principal