Welcome from High School Principal

Dear ABA Parents and Website Visitors:

Ahlan or welcome to the ABA High School!

ABA has a strong reputation among international schools in and beyond Oman. It is known as a school in which teachers, parents and students work together to maximize student success. We judge this student 'success' at ABA both academically and in the character displayed by our students: ABA students should be caring, responsible and confident learners and internationally-minded world citizens.

The ABA mission, vision and values are key to secondary expectations and actions. While academic rigor is at the heart of our programs, we believe that this should be within the framework of developing the whole child.

ABA Diploma:
In High School ABA students take a variety of classes in order to earn the credits required for an ABA high school diploma.

Grades 9 and 10:
In the first two years of upper Secondary, students follow the curricular framework of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), but the majority of classes are also supplemented by the IGCSE curriculum.   Students will complete the MYP Personal project in grade 10 as part of the requirements for earning the ABA high school diploma.  Many students choose to sit IGCSE O level exams at the end of grade 10, but this is an option and never a requirement.

Grades 11-12:
In the final two years of Upper Secondary, students take IB Diploma Programme (DP) courses. Students may attempt individual IB Diploma courses as they earn their ABA diploma, or may attempt the full IB Diploma which includes an extended essay and the IB Theory of Knowledge course.  All students must complete Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) hours to fulfill the ABA Diploma requirements.

Students who wish to earn certificates for individual IB Courses or for the full IB Diploma will complete Internal Assessments during grade 12 and final IB exams in May of grade 12.

ABA Secondary students prepare themselves academically but are encouraged to try a variety of arts, sports, clubs, and activities. Theatre, visual art, design, Model United Nations, Students Against Prejudice, Ecological Society, instrumental and vocal music are all on offer, as well as an array of competitive sports teams. The International Award program is also available with students learning orienteering and self-direction skills at the bronze, silver and gold levels.

As a member of the Middle East South Asia Conference (MESAC), students in grades 8 - 12 participate in cultural, athletic, and academic exchanges with international schools in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and India. Events include: swimming, volleyball, academic games, soccer, basketball, tennis, track & field, softball/baseball, fine arts, forensics, cross country and badminton.

In addition, grade 11 discovery week offers trips in Oman and outside Oman, for example: China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, New York, Spain and France in recent years. The trips are designed to provide students a personal growth experience centered on creativity, action and/or service elements.

ABA teachers are experts in their subject areas and are hired for their concern for every individual student.  They enjoy sharing subject knowledge and life skills with students. Students are often found spending time with teachers before and after classes to study and to get guidance about life in general.

ABA parents are supportive of both the mission and of the work of our faculty.  Parents volunteer in a variety of projects at school and attend parent informational meetings and conferences.  The strong relationships formed allow them to support teachers to help students learn best.

Most special at ABA is how the students support the mission.  ABA students make the school welcoming and engaging -- students take steps individually and in organized groups to ensure an atmosphere in which all individuals can study and develop his/her own talents.  Expectations are high at ABA, but the students meet them both academically and socially.

As you can tell, I think ABA is a pretty wonderful place. I hope you will be able to join the ABA parents, students and staff who support the ABA Mission and keep it that way.

Mr. Simon Walker
High School Principal