Welcome from the Athletic Director

pauleExtra-curricular activities are a crucial component of developing well-rounded young adults. In our continuing efforts to promote healthy living and develop lifelong skills ABA offers a range of activities.

ABA is proud of its after school program and the many contributions our students, coaches, directors, supervisors have made in building a strong sense of community. We expect that all students will embrace the school’s tradition of outstanding sportsmanship, citizenship, pride, dedication and fair play. We believe the opportunity to participate in any activity is a privilege and comes with the responsibility that each student maintain a high standard of behavior as well as achieve academically to their highest potential.

Teamwork is based upon ideals. Pulling together with the ABA community and working towards a common vision ensures a strong after school program.  We must create an environment of trust, hard work, fun and “belief” in the program to achieve an incredible experience that we will never forget.

ABA is a member of three conferences:  MPSl, MSSL and MESAC.  MPSL and MSSL include schools here in Muscat. The MESAC conference has member schools from around the Gulf and India.  Our students will travel to other countries competing/participating in sports, fine arts and academic games.

I wish all the students a fulfilling and successful year in whatever activity they choose. Thank you for being part of our after school program and serving as an ABA Ambassador.

Paul Brace

Athletic Director

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