Strategic Intent 2017 – 2022

The Mission, Vision and Values guide the school. They are the essence of the school. The Board in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team have agreed on six Strategic Intents. These are key areas of strategic interest for the next five years.

A. To provide our students with a premium IB curriculum in the Sultanate of Oman

B. To create a sense of community to the over 70 nationalities we serve

C. To offer a curriculum that enables the students to be life long learners

D. To equip students the latest skills and technologies to meet a rapidly changing world

E. To maintain a positive, motivated and safe environment for all its stakeholders

F. To ensure long term sustainability of ABA and its reputation as not-for-profit school.

The following is an overview of the annual areas of focus for the 2018.19 school year. A more detailed plan is presented by the Head of School and agreed with the Board.