Board of Directors

The governance of the ABA is vested in a Board of Directors. The majority of the Directors are parents of children currently enrolled in the school. They are elected by the members of the ABA Association, to which all parents automatically belong. Elections are held yearly. There is an Annual General Meeting of the Association. Regular board meetings are held approximately bi-monthly during the school year.

The Board has three major responsibilities:

(a) Adopting basic policies

(b) Ensuring the financial viability of the school, and

(c) Hiring a chief executive officer (Superintendent)

Decisions of the Board are regulated by the Articles of Association and By-Laws, copies of which may be obtained on request at the school. The ABA Policy Manual may be consulted in the library on application to the Librarian.

  • Lamya Al Kiyumi
    Lamya Al Kiyumi is a Omani mother of three children who all go to ABA. They are in grades 1, 3 and 7. Lamya has a Masters Degree in Environmental...
  • Jinane Helou
    Vice Chair
    Ms. Jinane T. Helou’s family has been part of the ABA community for the past 14 years. Before moving to Oman, Jinane taught English at the International College of Beirut....
  • Neelmani Bhardwaj
    Neelmani is a senior general insurance professional with 25 years of extensive international experience in Financial Services industry of which 18 years were with American International Group (AIG) in varied...
  • Clauss Niazi
    Board Secretary
    Clauss moved to Oman in 2013 together with her family and chose ABA to give her 2 daughters, both now in high school, an IB education. Since her arrival at...
  • Riaan De Bruin
    Mr. De Bruin was appointed as a Board Member of ABA in May 2019 and is a member of the Strategic Development sub-Committee (SDC) Riaan's is a father of two...
  • Mallikarjuna Korisepati
    Mr. Mallikarjuna Korisepati was appointed as a Board Member of ABA in May 2019 and he is a member of the Strategic Development Committee. Mallikarjuna is part of senior management...
  • Dr. Susan R. Groesbeck
    Head of School
    My path to ABA is from schools in the US and Canada, where I have been the Head of School for many years....