Board of Directors

The governance of the ABA is vested in a Board of Directors. The majority of the Directors are parents of children currently enrolled in the school. They are elected by the members of the ABA Association, to which all parents automatically belong. Elections are held yearly. There is an Annual General Meeting of the Association. Regular board meetings are held approximately bi-monthly during the school year.

The Board has three major responsibilities:

(a) Adopting basic policies

(b) Ensuring the financial viability of the school, and

(c) Hiring a chief executive officer (Superintendent)

Decisions of the Board are regulated by the Articles of Association and By-Laws, copies of which may be obtained on request at the school. The ABA Policy Manual may be consulted in the library on application to the Librarian.

  • Lamya Al Kiyumi, Chairman
    Lamya Al Kiyumi is a Omani mother of three children who all go to ABA. They are in grades 1, 3 and 7. Lamya has a Masters Degree in Environmental...
  • Mukhtar Hasan, Vice Chair
    Hasan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and holds a Corporate Finance qualification issued jointly by this Institute together with the Securities Investment...
  • Maria Eid, Member
    Ms. Maria Eid holds a law degree and has been trained in the banking sector. She has three children in ABA and believes that being on the board will help...
  • Sara Marques, Member
    Sara has been living in Oman for the last three years together with her husband João and their three sons Salvador, Francisco and Bernardo, who are now in Grade 5,...
  • Dr Rahul Arora, Member
    Rahul and his family moved from the UK to Oman in 1994. His son joined ABA in K2 and after 14 rewarding years at the School, graduated in 2011. Rahul...
  • Simon Taylor, Superintendent
      Simon is professional educator who began his career as a science teacher on the Isle of Wight. He now has wide experience of international education having worked in Finland...