The Parent Teacher Association holds a very special place at ABA.

All parents and teaching staff at the school are members of the PTA, which is managed by an executive committee of elected volunteers.

The PTA’s remit is three fold: it acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors, the parents, teachers and students; it organises cultural and social events to enable the school community to interact and bond with each other to help build community spirit; and, it undertakes fund-raising activities for purchasing items which are generally non-curricular in nature, and intended to enhance your child’s experience at the school.

The PTA executive committee is elected annually and its members are dedicated parents who work on a voluntary basis.

Monthly PTA meetings are held on the first Monday of every month and provide an opportunity for communication between various groups within the ABA community. All parents and teaching staff are welcome to attend the meetings and it is a great way to understand the school and to keep up-to-date on events and news.

The PTA can only function through the willing and generous volunteers who give their time and effort throughout the year - there are hundreds of opportunities to get involved with your school and help to make it an even better place, please don’t be shy to offer your time as it will be greatly appreciated.

PTA Meeting Minutes

Chair Akansha Chowdhury
Chair Minita Sampat
Treasurer Paula Colaco
New Parent Rep Anjum Sadiq Khan
High School Parent Rep Evelyn Hon
Middle School Parent Rep Simran Dhanju
Elementary School Parent Rep Hind Soud
Elementary School Parent Rep Meeta Jayesh
EC Parent Rep Bokamoso Kumwenda
Nandita Ahuja


On behalf of the ABA Parent Teachers Association (PTA), we are pleased to welcome you to the school.

We are very privileged to have an active, engaged and friendly community at ABA. Our hard-working PTA is managed by an elected committee of enthusiastic volunteers—all are parents at the school who have offered their time to serve the school community. In addition, many parent volunteers participate in the numerous events and programmes run by the PTA throughout the year, as well as in the Home Room Parent roles.

Our main purpose is to support parents, staff and students in building our community into an environment we can all enjoy. We aim to help people in our community to socialise with one another and to provide a platform to get involved in our school.

The PTA organises an exciting range of events through the year, and there are many opportunities to participate. We welcome parents to join us by volunteering as a committee member or helping at an event, or by simply attending and supporting events. Whatever level of participation you choose, your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated. From large campus-wide events, to social coffees and talks, there is something for everyone.

ABA is a special place—for students, staff and parents alike; we hope you will join us.

Akansha Chowdhury and Minita Sampat,
Co-Chairs, ABA PTA