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20180521_081939(0)Dear ABA community,

First, let me start off by thanking last year’s PTA team. We are honored to carry on building the community spirit at ABA and we aspire to inspire. ABA is fortunate to have an active and established PTA that remains such an integral part of the school community.

Earlier this week, at the PTA AGM, the new PTA team was chosen, and I am excited to report that all the positions in the new structure have been filled by our ever so enthusiastic parent community. We are gearing up for the upcoming academic year and we look forward to welcoming you in August!

As you know, every parent and teacher at ABA is a member of the PTA and we cannot be successful without your support. The PTA exists to help build bridges between home, school and the greater community and it is an excellent way to bring everyone together in support of ABA; a school we love and cherish.

The 2018-2019 team is revved and ready and working towards a common goal; adding value to our children’s’ school experiences. As a PTA, we aim to build stronger relationships with teachers and parents, help support the school and our children’s education. In fact, we have two teacher representative positions open and waiting! We need the teachers! Without you, we are not complete.

Subliminal Message… PTA is fun. PTA is amazing. I am going to become a volunteer!

Without further ado, I would like to introduce your new PTA! A group of super 16! We are all tremendously excited to make the 2018/2019 school year amazingly eventful and fun for all of you! Our PTA committee consists of parents and members of the school who have taken up various responsibilities for the upcoming year. Below are the details of the new structure along with the names of the members.

Remember, we need your involvement to make next year a successful one!

Warmest Regards,

Lama Samman
2018 – 2019 PTA Chair