Art6-12The MYP visual arts program engages students in the study of  Shape, Color, Line, Value, Space, Form and Texture through experimenting with different media, such as painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, ceramic and various crafts and techniques from different cultures.

Students are expected to understand “Unity, Emphasis, Rhythm, Movement, Contrast and Balance” and use these principles of design within their art work.  Students will have opportunities to approach a unit of work from a linear logical stance but also will be encouraged to rely on imagination and feelings.

Welcome to Grade 7 Music,

 This year we continue the work students started last year..... Concert Band and Choir.
In Concert Band students will continue to develop their playing skills, in particular looking at how to develop their listening and tuning skills so that they may play more refined music.
Students will learn how to pitch notes accurately, how to follow the conductor and to follow all the instructions on the music score.
Students will perform in ABA and hopefully outside of the school too. The top students will have the opportunity to further themselves by participating in the Concert Band after school activity.