MYP Physical & Health Education

MYP Physical and Health Education (PHE) focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity empowering you to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active. The goal is to create independent thinkers with the motivation for making healthy life choices.

MYP Physical and Health Education courses engage you in physical education activities for approximately 80% of the total teaching time.

The MYP PHE program contributes a unique perspective to the development of the attributes of the IB learner profile, promoting the health of individuals and communities. Through physical and health education, you will learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, and develop effective collaboration and communication skills.

This subject area also offers many opportunities to build positive interpersonal relationships that can help students to develop a sense of social responsibility.

Course content includes exposure to a variety of activities in:

  • Physical and health-related knowledge: components of fitness, training methods, training principles, nutrition, lifestyle, biomechanics, exercise physiology, issues in sport and first aid
  • Aesthetic movement: gymnastics, aerobics, martial arts, jump rope, yoga or capoeira
  • Team sports: (examples) football, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey and others
  • Individual sports: (examples) athletics, swimming, squash or fencing
  • International sports and activities: including athletic traditions and forms ofmovement beyond students’ personal and cultural experiences
  • Alternative recreational sports, such as ultimate Frisbee®, in-line skating, skateboarding or parkour
  • Adventure activities: orienteering, hiking or kayaking

Physical & Health Education Assessment Criteria

Knowing and understanding

Planning for performance

Applying and performing

Reflecting and improving performance


Student achievement in MYP Physical and Health Education is assessed as an ePortfolio at the end of MYP5.

An example of an ePortfolio summative assessment for MYP physical and health education:

  • Task 1—as coach: client interview and video analysis, and benchmark testing (criteria A and D)
  • Task 2—as coach: training plan and interim analysis of results (criteria A, B and D)
  • Task 3—as client: demonstration of the skills, techniques and/or strategies developed as part of the improvement plan (criterion C)
  • Task 4—as coach: evaluation of the coaching plan and of interpersonal skills; and as client: evaluation of performance and interpersonal skills (criteria A, B and D)