MYP Individuals & Societies

MYP Individuals and Societies incorporates disciplines traditionally studied in the Humanities (History, Geography, Economics, Sociology and Political Science).  You will gain a better understanding of the relationships between people, their geography, culture, and historical context. You will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the world around you.

As an international student studying Individuals and Societies will enable you to better understand the ever-shrinking world in an era of globalization. In both Geography and History, a strong emphasis is put on not only content knowledge, but also on learning the critical thinking skills necessary to understand complex economic, political, social, and religious challenges.

While few students will follow a career path to become geographers or historians, all students will gain skills necessarily in the professional fields of law, management, and human resources (to name just a few). The skills that you form when exploring historical and geographic issues transfers over many other aspects of life that require critical discernment in a world with so much information.

In Individuals and Societies an emphasis is put on you, the inquirer, to develop your own research questions, carry through with research strategies, and effectively write your findings with clarity. All Individuals & Societies discrete courses integrate skills and conceptual knowledge that are transferable into the Diploma Programme.

Individuals and Societies MYP Assessment Criteria

Knowing and Understanding



Thinking Critically


MYP Individuals and Societies courses at ABA in MYP Year 4 & Year 5 are offered as discrete courses, focused on the individual disciplines of History & Geography.

Course Options

MYP History 

In MYP History you will develop an understanding of the nature of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference and find out how to use and understand historical evidence as part of their studies. MYP History will stimulate you further if you already are interested in the past, providing a basis for further study, and also encouraging a lifelong interest in the subject.

The topic list for History is shown below:

  • Superpowers, empires and supra-national alliances and organizations
  • Significant individuals
  • Warfare and peacekeeping
  • Independence and national identity
  • Rights and social protest
  • Industrialization, industry and labour
  • Trade, aid and exchange
  • Intellectual and ideological movements/developments
  • Pioneers, innovators and developers
  • Medicine and health
  • Individual, household and daily life

 MYP Geography

 In the MYP Geography course, you will develop a 'sense of place' by looking at the world around you on a local, regional and global scale. You will examine a range of natural and man-made environments, and study processes which have affected our development. You will also examine how people interact with our environment and the opportunities and challenges an environment can present. The topic list for Geography is shown below:

  • Demographics and human movements Settlement and urban morphology
  • Pioneering and discovery
  • Trade, aid and exchange
  • Tourism and development
  • Atmosphere, weather and climate
  • Process and management of land and river or coastal environments
  • Process and management of two biomes (aquatic, deserts, forests, grasslands, tundra)
  • Impacts and management of resource extraction, production and consumption
  • Impacts and management of natural disasters
  • Impacts and management of tectonically active areas
  • The use and outputs of technology to revolutionize geography

Student achievement in MYP Individuals & Societies is assessed as an Onscreen Examination at the end of MYP5