MYP Science

With inquiry at the core, the MYP Sciences aims to guide you to independently and collaboratively investigate issues through research, observation and experimentation. As you investigate real examples of science application, you will discover the tensions and dependencies between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics and the environment.

Scientific inquiry fosters critical thinking about research and design, as well as the identification of assumptions and alternative explanations. Through MYP sciences, you will learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, gain good ethical-reasoning skills and further develop your sense of responsibility as members of local and global communities.

Learning science involves more than simply learning technical terminology. MYP sciences should enable you to access, use and communicate scientific knowledge correctly and confidently in oral, written and visual modes.

Students will be assessed using the MYP criteria

Knowing and understanding

Inquiring and designing

Processing and evaluating

Reflecting on the impacts of science


MYP Course Options

MYP Biology

In the MYP Biology course you will delve into the fascinating world of nature around us. It covers classification; organization and maintenance of the organism; development of the organism and continuity of life; relationships of the organism with one another and the environment. Topics that will be explored through an onscreen examination are:

  • Cells
  • Organisms
  • Processes
  • Metabolism
  • Evolution
  • Interactions with environment
  • Interactions between organisms
  • Human interactions with environments
  • Biotechnology

MYP Chemistry 

In MYP Chemistry you will acquire a systematic body of chemical knowledge and develop an understanding of Chemistry together with relevant skills, while appreciating that the concepts of science are constantly changing. The result is to stimulate your interest in chemistry and encourage you to undertake courses for higher study in Chemistry. Topics that will be explored through an onscreen examination are:

  • Periodic table
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • The atmosphere
  • Matter
  • Pure and impure substances
  • Bonding
  • Types of chemical reaction

MYP Physics 

MYP Physics aims to show the relevance of Physics concepts to your everyday life and to the natural and man-made world. The course enables you to become confident citizens in a technological world, to take or develop an informed interest in scientific matters, recognize the usefulness and limitations of scientific method and to appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life. Topics that will be explored through an onscreen examination are:

  • Forces and energy
  • Electromagnetism
  • Astrophysics
  • Heat, light and sound
  • Waves
  • Atomic physics

 Student achievement in MYP Sciences is assessed as an Onscreen Examination at the end of MYP5.