MYP Design

Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of the subject group. MYP design requires the use of the design cycle as a tool, which provides the methodology used to structure the inquiry and analysis of problems, the development of feasible solutions, the creation of solutions, and the testing and evaluation of the solution.

In MYP design, a solution can be defined as a model, prototype, product or system that students have developed and created independently. MYP design focuses on the holistic design process rather than final products and solutions.

MYP design will challenge you to:

  • apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems
  • explore the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts
  • consider their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action

The grade 9-10 MYP Design subject area offers courses focused on digital and product design and teaches coding and computer science to design programs.

Design Assessment Criteria

Inquiring and Analyzing

Developing ideas

Creating the solution



Course Options

MYP Design

The Design MYP curriculum emphasizes the use of real-life experiences for designing solutions relevant for our ever changing world with a particular focus on sustainable and responsible design. The MYP Design course includes product design, architectural 3D Computer Modelling, Robotics and Coding. These units will be specially designed to prepare students for IB DP Computer Science as well as IB DP Design.

What to expect in an MYP Design ePortfolio?

eAssessment in design is offered in design, digital design and product design and is assessed by ePortfolio. The design cycle requires students to present their work for each unit through the headings of the four criteria. The ePortfolio for design requires students to submit work following the design cycle (encompassing all strands of all criteria) to create a solution (or range of solutions) in respect of a particular response, such as an inclusive community. You will be guided toward perspectives you may consider in relation to that response and some ideas which may be explored for final solutions.

Student achievement in MYP Design is assessed as an ePortfolio at the end of MYP5.