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On this page you will find the information you need to know to determine whether or not your child can be enrolled in the program, the steps to follow for enrollment and the policies we have once your child is enrolled in our program. If you have any additional questions after looking through this page, please get in touch with us by clicking here or please refer to the email addresses listed below.

Students in the MLP Program

The MLP Program is for bi/multilingual students at ABA who would like to continue to engage in their native language(s) with the guidance of a fluent speaker of the given language. A student would need to already speak this language at home and must be a registered student at ABA in grades K2 up to Grade 10.


MLP Class: Organization and Teaching

Mother Language classes are organized for ABA students by parents in collaboration with the Mother Language parent-coordinator and teacher-coordinator.  All classes are taught by native language speaking teachers who will decide on student groupings after each student has taken his/her language assessment.

Guidelines for Parents/Students Enrolled in the Program

Pick Up and Drop Off

  • K2-Grade 1: Students in these age groups must be picked up from their classrooms by their parent. Should you not be able to escort your child from their normal classroom to their Mother Language classroom, please contact another parent to arrange pick-up and drop off. Please make sure your child is dropped off at his/her language classroom by 2:30 PM sharp.
  • Grades 2-10: Students are free to manage getting themselves from their normal classrooms to their Mother Language classroom. We ask that parents inform their children of this procedure and that they must report to their language classroom by 2:30PM.
  • Things to Keep in Mind:
    1. The Grade 2 and 3 hallway, the ECE Hall and the Grade 1 Area are not appropriate places to use to wait for Mother Language classes to begin or end. Teachers use these spaces to work until the end of their work day, so we ask that you please use (1) the cafeteria to wait with your child before you take them to their Mother Language class or (2) the PTA room if you are waiting for your child to finish his/her ML class. This is to ensure that teachers can move around freely in a quiet work environment at the end of their day.
    2. All students need to be picked up from the after school mother language program on time.

All financial matters are strictly between parents and Mother Language teachers as this is a parent-run program. Fees are agreed upon by parents and Mother Language teachers of each language. Parents pay their MLP teacher  at the start of each month. Individual student absences will not be reimbursed. Mother Language teachers are paid each month according to classes taught. The Mother Language teacher and his/her parents will arrange collection and payment for books and other classroom materials as required.

Cancellation Policy

No payment will be due to tutors:

  • If classes are cancelled due to force majeure (natural disaster, school closure, public holidays…)
  • If the teacher cancels a class.
  • If parents within one whole group cancel a class with a minimum 72 hours in advance of the class.


  • If ABA closes on a Thursday or Sunday there will be no classes on Saturday.
  • If ABA closes due to a school-wide event (e.g. Parent-Teacher Conferences, Student-Led Conferences, etc.), please be advised that the Mother Language class will not be able to take place on that day.

All communication concerning general class issues will be strictly between the Mother Language teacher and the parents of his/her students. Issues concerning the performance of an individual student will be communicated by the teacher directly to the parent and vice versa.


ABA offers its facilities at no extra charge to this program.

At all times please recognize that at the end of a busy day of teaching ABA teachers need quiet time to organize and plan. Kindly ensure that your children are respectful of the school and its resources and show up on time for their language classes calmly. Please also ensure that you utilize facilities available to you during the transition time from your child’s normal classroom to his/her Mother Language classroom (e.g. the cafeteria) and during the time you are waiting for your child’s Mother Language class to finish (e.g. the PTA room).


If you would like to help out, please contact us with the following email addresses:

Diana El Bizri: Mother Language Coordinator (Parent) at

Alexis Williams: Mother Language Coordinator (Teacher) at