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What is the Mother Language Program at ABA ?

The Mother Language Program is an after school language program which is coordinated and paid for by parents. The classes are taught by native language speaking teachers from the community.

Who is it for?

For ABA students who speak a mother/native/first language other than English at home with at least one of their parents/family.

Which languages and grades are on offer at ABA?

Here are some of the languages that have been on offer during the running of this program. A class will only be set up if we have enough interest and a qualified  teacher to run the course. Languages are on offer for K2 - Grade 10 students:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
What if my language is not on offer at ABA?

You can apply to set up a language in the program by filling in the registration form and adding the language you’d like to have offered in the current school year. Please bear in mind that opening a new language class is dependant on teacher availability and number of students registered for that given language.

How is it organized?

Mother Language classes are organized by parents with the assistance of the ABA parent and teacher Mother Language coordinators.

The parent coordinator…

  • Helps parents find mother language teachers
  • Organizes parent meetings where parent language coordinators and treasurers are appointed
  • Helps parents with the overall set up of the after school Mother Language classes at ABA
  • Meets with Mother Language Teachers regarding curriculum

The teacher coordinator…

  • Collaborates with the parent coordinator and ABA teachers to arrange classroom spaces for Mother Language classes to take place
  • Assists the parent coordinator in seeking new Mother Language teachers when needed
  • Communicates on-site with parents, teachers and students after school when needed

Information about classes…

  • The recommended class size is generally 4-6 students. This can vary depending on the given circumstances.
  • Groupings of students will be decided by tutors after student assessments.
  • The exact days and times of classes are determined by (1) the Mother Language teacher and (2) parents
  • The exact locations of classes are determined by the Mother Language teacher-coordinator in collaboration with ABA teachers and the Mother Language parent-coordinator
  • The payment of teachers and all financial matters are strictly between parents and the mother language teacher.