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What is the Mother Language Program?

The Mother Language Program serves to provide after school languages classes for students to engage in their native languages. The program is coordinated by Diana El Bizri and Alexis Williams in collaboration with ABA parents and teachers. The classes are taught by native speakers of the given language from our local community. Please click here to see what classes are currently being offered.

This program came together under the initiative of ABA parents and is run by them on a voluntary basis. All parent-coordinators are volunteers chosen and elected by the parents. ABA relies on this parent initiative and support each year to continue running a successful program for our students. Thank you for your continued support, and if you are interested in taking part in contributing to this program, please contact Diana El Bizri, our current parent-coordinator for the program!


image1 (1)More about the Mother Language Program Coordinators

Diana El Bizri is a parent of three students at ABA. She is originally from Lebanon. She has been working for the Mother Language Program for two years. Additionally, she contributes to the school with her work on the ABA Communications Transition sub-committee and with her work as a homeroom mom since she joined the ABA community. She is also highly involved with PTA related events.

Erum Banatwala  is the Elementary Assistant Principal and EC Coordinator and has been working at ABA for 14 years. Due to her multilingual background, she is passionate about students excelling in their mother tongue and is excited to join the Mother Language Program as the teacher-coordinator of the year 2019-2020.