IB DP Results 2017


The May 2017 IB Diploma exam results have given us lots to celebrate. With 99% of students who embarked upon the Diploma passing this academically rigorous qualification,our success rate speaks for itself. This is due to the incredible hard work of the students, for whom the long days and nights of study, the pressure of the exam period and the pressure to fit in all their extra-curricular interests, was well worth it. More students this year passed, more achieved over 40 points, our top score was Katarina Behrens with 43 points, and more students made their first choice universities. Our subject teachers have helped raise the bar again with 83% of all the subjects offered by the ABA Diploma programme being well above world averages, and 97% of grades awarded being at grade four or above. Now, the Class of 2017 are preparing to set out on the next stage of their journey, for many it is the excitement and promise of university in Canada, the UK, Europe or the United States, for others, it is to travel or perhaps training. Wherever their journeys lead them, they will always be a part of the ABA family, and we’ll be in contact via the Alumni Association.



RPS_9074IB DP at a glance

Successful IB Diploma candidates are awarded a score out of 45.

  • 42 points from the 6 subjects studied (usually 3 Higher & 3 Standard Level) at 7 points per subject
  • +3 bonus points from their combined Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE)

IBDP results 2017 at a glance:

  • 99% success rate for students attempting the full IB Diploma
  • Average points score of 33 will be well above the world average
  • 90% of the cohort attempted the full IB Diploma
  • Highest score by an ABA student, 43 points
  • 69% of all subjects taught by ABA teachers are above the world average