We have put in place high levels of preparedness and precaution. At ABA, we are poised to increase our precautionary measures should the need arise and/or we see the need to enhance our vigilance to keep community members healthy.

Our efforts have been focused on:
• Our school counselors and health nurse visited grades K1 to Grade 5 and shared information on the virus and how to prevent transmission of germs and how to keep your body healthy.
• Training sessions for our contracted support workers (OIG) took place. The company officials explained about the coronavirus and its symptoms, transmission, prevention and the importance of the thorough cleaning at school. ABA has directed its cleaning company (OIG) to use Dettol based disinfectants and to increase the frequency of cleaning of high-frequency touch points in the school (eg. Handrails and door knobs).

We continue to:
• Share information and protocols with our MESAC family
• Maintain accurate records of absences and the health status of our students.
• Increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all classrooms, common areas and buses.
• Provide local staff with information about appropriate steps to prevent the spread of the flu.
• Remind students and staff to wash their hands regularly. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the campus and will be replenished upon arrival of more supplies. Understandably, delays are occurring as the quarantine’s impact is felt on businesses.
• Observe visitors for any flu-like symptoms and alerting health professionals as needed.
• International student travel events in March have been cancelled or postponed.
• A review of staff travel was undertaken and it was agreed that non-essential travel is curtailed until Thursday, March 19th. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding travel after March 19th and update you accordingly.