IB Topper

'ABA Graduate, Umniya Al Khalili scored a remarkable 44 out of 45 points in the May 2018 examinations, the highest score in the Sultanate for an IB Diploma student. Although the statistics for May 2018 have yet to be released, close to 160 000 students globally will have been entered for the IB's Diploma exams last year and only approximately 500 will have received such a high score. Overall, ABA's students averaged 34.5 points per student, proving the Diploma to be a very successful course offered by ABA for the local community. Students from ABA are about to set off to their university destinations, across the world in the US, UK and Canada as well as India and Australia. Umniya herself will be studying Civil Engineering at London's prestigious Imperial College. We wish her and her fellow graduates the best of luck as they embark on their new challenges and adventures.'