Activity Descriptions

(Season 2)

Arts and Crafts

Art & Crafts Club

If you like drawing, painting, designing, making and being creative, Art & Craft Club is the place for you.  Come along and get creative.

Construction Club :

You will be designing, building and constructing things with different equipment and materials each week. Box sculpting, Big Blocks, Pipes and connectors and sand construction will be some of the activities.

Cooking Club :

Beginner cooking class will teach children the skills of using kitchen tools, measurement, basic knife skills all while learning to make simple healthy meals.  This activity will require a fee of 5 Rials to cover the cost of ingredients.

Drawing Techniques inspired by stories :

Do you love storybooks? Do you like to draw? If so, this is the perfect activity for you. We will discover a wide range of picture books and do one drawing related to the story we read. We will be creative by using different drawing techniques. We are looking forward to seeing you in the classroom of grade 2 E!


This Lego club is meant to teach children that their imagination has no limits and how they can incorporate that into real life creations using Legos. Throughout the course we will teach them to how to visualize the object and create it as it is in their head. We aim is to inspire these children to create extravagant and never before seen thing in contrast to the usual cliché creations. We want these children to think for themselves and create original “off the bat ideas”, this is what will set them apart from other people in the future.

All children have the capacity to create amazing objects, especially at the ages of 5-10 this is when the brain is most free of any impure ideas and the imagination is let loose and is wild. This class isn’t meant to constrict their thoughts and make them follow the instructions but to expand their imagination even further and forever keep their vivid imagination.

 Scrapbooking :

Learn the art of scrapbooking while having fun! Students will learn techniques and importance of sharing photo memories,photo organizing, choosing an album theme, page layout strategies, special family calendars and more.

Students to bring some photos to include in the projects. This activity will require a fee of 5 Rials to cover the cost of materials.

Sewing :
Students will explore a variety of sewing techniques such as cross stitch, applique and embroidery as well as knitting and crochet. They will go on to pursue personal projects using some of these skills. This activity will require a fee of 5 Rials to cover the cost of materials.

Supporting the Classroom

Arabic :
In our Arabic activity after school we will be supporting the students skills in Arabic ( Speaking, Reading , Listening and Writing ) through some educational games.

 Chess :

Chess is a classic game of strategy, invented more than 1500 years ago in India. Legend has it that the ruler of India asked his wise men to devise a way to teach the children of the royal family to become better thinkers and better generals on the battlefield. Chess was the result. The Chess Club meets once per week.
Academic Benefits
Chess makes kids smarter. It does so by teaching the following skills:



Thinking Ahead

Weighing Options

Analyzing Concretely

Thinking Abstractly


Juggling Multiple Considerations Simultaneously

First Aid :
Join the school nurse’s First Aid activity group and get important life-saving skills. Want to be able to help your family and friends in an emergency? You will learn to deal with people’s injuries before medical help arrives. It's fun to learn!

Science Club :

In the Gr 2 Science Club our aim is to give students a fun time at the end of the day within a science context.  Over the course of the activity we explore themes of light, electricity, cells and mixtures. To do this we use a range of equipment (with the able assistance of a number of volunteer secondary students) like light boxes, the Van de Graaff-generator, simple circuit components and microscopes. On the last week of the session we invite in parents so our budding scientists can showcase their knowledge – so bookmark this date now!

Performing Arts

Drama :
In Elementary Drama Club we will explore what is drama,  character development, voice, creating an ensemble, listening and reacting, and simple directing through games and workshop activities.

(See year long activities below)

Recreation and Sports

Athletics :
As we enter the season for athletics in the elementary school, this after school activity will offer a great chance for students to improve their running, jumping and throwing.  We will be focusing on sprints and middle distance runs as well as relays.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to throw the shot put, discus and javelin.  They will work on their jumping, practicing both long jump and high jump.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to train for our sports days in December.

Gymnastics :
Gymnastics is a great sport to develop flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and more.  Our after school activity will involve learning basic gymnastics skills and then leading into routines on the floor and beam.  Students will learn a variety of vaults, how to hang and swing from the parallel bars as well as climbing on the wall bars and swing and climbing on the ropes.  The students rotate around small circuits set up in the main gym.  There will be a MPSL gymnastics clinic and competition for any interested students from the after school programme.

Futsal :
An opportunity for serious soccer players to play weekly matches against other children in Grades 4 & 5 in this alternative format of soccer. This ASA is only suitable for people who have played soccer before. Children will need suitable footwear for indoor soccer (no studs).

Unihoc :
Unihoc, otherwise known as floorball, is described as a type of floor hockey, with five field players and a goalkeeper on each team. Students will learn a variety of floor hockey skills and play internal matches throughout the season.

We will focus on teamwork and cooperation while learning the introductory skills of basketball.  Passing, dribbling and shooting the ball will be taught through a variety of drills and games. We hope to see this activity end with an in-house mini tournament.

This will activity will focus on developing the students cricket skills of batting, bowling and fielding. The students will participate in modified games, 4 wicket cricket and double wicket cricket. This activity will culminate with a match against another school. A good activity for cricketers with experience and those new to the sport.

TBall : 
This a modified version of Softball/Baseball. (It's for students who have never played softball/baseball).  The game provides a lot of fun, opportunity for rapid improvement in ball skills, hand-eye co-ordination and general confidence. The skills that we will be focusing on will be running, throwing, catching, and hitting a tennis ball.


Benchball :
This is an energetic team game! We will be working on developing throwing/catching/passing skills. The game involves two teams, two benches (set out using one at each end of a badminton court), a ball, and some bibs. Each team nominates one player to stand on the bench in their half of the court (the goalkeeper). The rest of the players arrange themselves anywhere in their half (apart from the bench). The game starts when the teacher throws the ball into the centre of the court, and any player can try to gain possession. The aim of the game is to score goals by passing the ball around your team in order to pass it back to your goalkeeper on the bench.

Ballsports offers children the opportunity to experience a wide range of both competitive and noncompetitive sports related activities.  There is a big focus on teamwork and most importantly having fun!  Dodgeball, rounders, benchball, poison ball, Australian rules football and touch rugby are just some of the games that will be on offer.

eylcSoccer : 
A fun opportunity to try soccer for the first time or to improve your skills. Basic rules of the game will be covered as well as basic techniques for passing, dribbling and shooting and the possibility of some in- house competitions.

Fitness - Circuit Training

A fun and easy-going introduction to fitness for students that aims to put children onto the path of lifelong enjoyment of exercise. Each week, students will make their way through a circuit of exercises with intervals of 30-60 seconds exercising and 30-60 seconds rest. The training session will include various exercises such as jumping jacks and high-knee skipping. A variety of exercise equipment will also be used in the training sessions including dumbbells, skipping ropes and aerobic steps.

Year Long Activities

Elementary Tech-Team :
This activity will be in regular school hours. Students will learn how to solve quick technology problems such as: projector not connecting to computer or how to check printer for connections and more. The team will be integrated by students from grades 2,3,4 and 5. Two students per class and selected by the their own class. Students will attend a weekly meeting on Tuesdays at second break.  First group will start in September until January. Second group will start in February until June 2016.

Student Council :

The Elementary Student Council (ESC) is the voice of the students in the Elementary at ABA. The ESC encourages communication and idea sharing among students as well as promoting student involvement within the school and its community. We also encourage commitment and responsibility. We carry out many activities each year including fundraisers such as bake sales and movie nights as well as organizing spirit days and other fun activities. Funds raised go to ‘in school’ initiatives as well as local charities. The ESC runs entirely based on students' ideas and opinions supported by the teacher facilitators.

Eco Rangers :

Eco-rangers involves over 40 students from Grade 2-5. The main objective is to act as environmental ambassadors for ABA Elementary, both by supporting and creating environmental initiatives. Eco-rangers runs during the school day at a break time once a week. The students involved will be nominated by their classmates much like Student Council. The students involved will change 4 times a year to coincide with after school activities.


A beginner ukulele program. Students will learn notes, chords and strumming patterns. They will put this new learning to practice when learning to play songs. The ukulele is a great instrument for beginner musicians and a great stepping stone towards guitar and other string instruments.

Homework Club :

The Homework Club is a yearlong program which offers students the opportunity to complete their weekly homework in school with the support of a teacher every Wednesday from 2.15 to 3.15.

Vipers Choir :

ABA’s Vipers Choir was established in the 1st semester of 2013-14. Vipers Choir members sing a variety of music from the world’s different folk traditions – from the United States to Ghana, from Hungary to India, from Japan to Mexico, and everywhere in-between. The choir runs two seasons a year: the first season from 6th September to 14th December for grades 3-5, and a second season running from the 10th April to the 30th May for grades 2-5. All children in these grades are invited to become members each season.