Cafeteria Menu

25 February – 2 March



Meat  Entrée

Veg. Entrée




Sun.  Italian


Grilled Chicken with mushroom sauce( grilled boneless chicken with mushroom sauce ).


Mushroom sauce made with cream, fresh mushroom, garlic, herbs.

Assorted mini pizza - 3 choices.

Vegetable, Chicken and Cheese.


Cheese pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, herbs) Chicken /Taj Mahal pizza  -a little spicy (mashed chicken, green pepper, mushroom, cheese, tomato sauce, garlic) Vegetable pizza (capsicum, onion, mushroom, olives, cheese, tomato sauce).

Three choices of Pasta

(penne, tagliatelli, and spaghetti) with three choices of  sauce ( tomato, white sauce and mixed sauce).


The mixed  sauce contains cheese, cream,  tomato, garlic and herbs.

Homemade Tomato soup

500 bzs  per cup, including optional whole-meal bread roll.

Cheese and tomato salad with pesto sauce


Fresh cheese mozzarella, fresh tomato with  pesto cream sauce.


Mon.  Indian


Butter chicken with Nan boneless chicken cooked in tandoori oven.Sauce made with ginger & garlic, cream , coriander powder

Vegetable curry

Assorted vegetables cooked with pieces (a little spicy)

Mutton Biryani

Fresh lamb with rice.

Lamb cooked with onion, tomato, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, parsley and black pepper

Homemade Lentil soup

500 bzs  per cup, including optional whole-meal bread roll

Cucumber Raita salad


Cucumber, onion , fresh yogurt, salt and pepper

Tues.  Arabic

Chicken Mandy

Chicken cooked in oven Yemeni style ( with tartaric  pieces )

Kabsa rice


Rice cooked with tomato pieces, dry lemon

Lamb Ragout with beans

Fresh lamb cooked with beans and vegetables

Homemade Arabic vegetable soup 500 bzs  per cup, including optional whole-meal bread roll

Fatoush salad


Assorted vegetables with lemon and olive oil

Wed. Chinese

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Deep fried chicken with ginger, garlic, pineapple, sweet chili sauce and tomato sauce

Fried rice


Rice with vegetables

Sauté Vegetables Chinese  style

Assorted vegetables cooked with  ginger and garlic

Homemade Chinese Noodle soup  Rice noodles with vegetables. 500 bzs  per cup, including optional whole-meal bread roll

Sweet corn salad


Sweet corn, onion , green pepper,

lemon , olive oil

Thurs.  Continental

Meat Kebabs with vegetables

Grilled Lamb meat kebabs with vegetables

Vegetable  Pulave Rice


Rice cooked with vegetables

Chicken with tarragon sauce


Grilled boneless chicken with tarragon sauce

Homemade mushroom soup 500 bzs  per cup, including  optional whole-meal bread roll

Caesar Salad


Fresh lettuces  and cheese