altCriteria For Admission

Previous Schooling

  • Previous Schooling is not a pre-requisite for entry into the Kindergarten levels.
  • For entry into Grades 1-12, official documentation including transcripts, test scores, and relevant evaluations must be submitted. All documentation must be in English or translated into English with the attestation of the appropriate Embassy.
  • A copy of an applicant's passport (or similar document) is necessary to verify nationality and birth date. The ABA may deny admission to applicants whose age significantly exceeds the average age of the grade level in which they seek placement.

English Language Proficiency

  • In ECE and Elementary sections, English language proficiency is not a prerequisite for student acceptance to ABA. We encourage parents to maintain their child’s mother language proficiency as the strength of a second language is largely determined by first language proficiency.

  • In Secondary, ABA expects all students to either possess or be working towards a grade-level appropriate degree of proficiency in English, the school's language of instruction.
  • All non-native speakers of English may be required to take an English proficiency examination as part of the application process and / or be interviewed by an ABA English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) specialist. The results of the examination or interview can help the school make general placement decisions and determine levels of support.

Special Learning Needs

  • The ABA welcomes applications of children with diagnosed learning needs and for whom the school's Special Learning Needs (SLN) program has appropriate resources.
  • The ABA expects that parents of a prospective SLN student provide the school with documentation detailing the nature and extent of the child's learning need.
  • If documentation is incomplete, the school may request that a prospective student undergo a psychological evaluation at the parents' expense before it reaches a decision on acceptance.
  • All SLN applicant files are reviewed by the ABA Administration in consultation with the school's SLN teaching staff.
  • The Administration may admit an SLN student on probationary basis prior to a final decision on enrollment.
  • The Administration may deny admission to an applicant if the SLN program is filled at a particular grade level or if it determines that the ABA cannot responsibly serve the applicant's educational need.
  • SLN admissions policies at ABA are subject to review on an ongoing basis.

Financial Resources

  • All parents and/or companies must demonstrate the capability of paying all required registration, Building and Capital Asset Replacement Fund, and school tuition fees in a timely manner.
  • The ABA does not offer financial assistance or scholarships.

Wait Lists

  •  Students shall be admitted according to the following priority list:
    • Staff children
    • Siblings of children already attending the school
    • Returning students
    • Overseas transfer students
    • Children of Alumni of the school with no viable alternative
    • Local transfer students with no viable alternative
    • Others

The Superintendent's decision in all matters relating to admissions is final.

Procedures For Admission

Please Follow the Steps Outlined Below

  • Contact School Registrar to obtain application form, general information, set up interviews and receive campus tour.
  • Fill out application form.
  • Submit official school records and/or transcripts for past 2 years if applying for admission into grades 2-12. Submit the previous year's records if applying for Grade 1 admission.
  • Submit copy of passport to certify nationality and birth date.
  • If applicable, submit documents that attest to a student's learning need and suitability for a modified educational plan.
  • Take a placement test if necessary to clarify a student's English proficiency or math level.

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