What is MESAC?

Middle East South Asia Conference

ABA is one of six member schools of the Middle East South Asia Conference.

MESAC runs on 3 seasons per year, competing against schools in Qatar, India and United Arab Emirates.

The MESAC Philosophy

The MESAC organisation seeks to create, promote and foster cooperation among its member schools by providing a forum for communication and discussion, by promoting activities and by seeking to serve as an extension of each members schools’ program to enhance the development of the students, the schools and the organisation through :

  1. Academic and Intellectual Pursuits;

  2. Sports Competition;

  3. Fine and performing arts activities; and

  4. Cultural and intercultural opportunities.


Participation in MESAC events is limited to member schools.

Participation shall be limited to full time students of grade 8 and above.

Try-outs are held at the beginning of each new MESAC season.