Dress Code

secmainSchool Dress Code

The ABA does not have a "uniform", but has adopted established dress guidelines, which attempt to provide a sense of school identity, recognize climatic and cultural restrictions, and yet offer some flexibility. Students are expected to come to school dressed in an appropriate manner with a well-groomed appearance. Students violating this code will not be allowed in class and will be asked to phone home for appropriate clothing or the student will be sent home.


  1. ABA uniform Polo shirts.
  2. Boys in Grade 9 -12 are expected to wear plain navy blue, black or khaki long trousers. No jeans or    sweat pants. Boys in Grades 1 to 7 may wear plain navy or black shorts or long trousers.
  3. Trainers, sandals or sneakers may be worn. For safety reasons flimsy, unsecured sandals or Flip-Flop are not allowed.
  4. Boys in grades 9 - 12 may wear appropriate shorts on Mufti days.


  1. ABA uniform Polo shirts
  2. Plain navy blue,  black or khaki skirts, culottes and pinafore dresses are allowed. Skirts and cullotes must be worn at or below the knee. Trousers may be worn. No jeans or sweat pants.
  3. Tight-fitting clothes are not allowed, in deference to Muslim custom.
  4. Trainers, sandals and sneakers may be worn. For safety reasons heels cannot be higher than 5 centimeters and flimsy, unsecured sandals or Flip-Flop are not allowed.
  5. Make-up - Light, discreet makeup may be worn.

These items of school clothing are available at the school uniform shop on campus:

ABA Polo Shirts R.O.4
Elementary Physical Education T Shirts R.O.3.500
Secondary/ Viper Physical Education T Shirts R.O.4
Physical Education Shorts R.O.4
ABA Hats R.O.4.500
ABA Sweat Shirts R.O.6