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One of the major considerations that an expatriate executive or academic has to bear in mind when moving overseas is the quality of education that his or her children will receive in the prospective host country.  The high quality of education and international ambience at ABA help to make the Sultanate an attractive destination for the kind of professional expertise that the country seeks to attract.  Today, the 1050 students at ABA are drawn from more than 65 nationalities.  Their parents work in every important sector of the economy including government, oil, the Sultan Qaboos University and other educational institutions, and public companies and private businesses.  Parents and their children mix widely within Omani society.

Our students are involved in many projects both in Oman and overseas. Co-curricular activities such as Adventure Oman, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award and Discovery Week encourage engagement with Oman while a long-standing relationship with an area of Tanzania has been established.

Parents too play a role and we are very lucky to have an extremely active PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and an ever busy and supportive Booster Club. Each in their own way bring our community together to celebrate our diversity and our shared goals.

Our PTA works with a tremendous volunteer team, which consistently year after year, demonstrates steadfast commitment and enthusiasm to ABA’s initiatives translating into substantial record levels of fund raising.  As important, our community of volunteers is generous in gifts of time a well as treasure.

The purpose of the PTA is to...

  1. Organize and run events to provide a social aspect and additional funding for the school.
  2. Endeavor to provide additional equipment that may support the school.
  3. Provide a link between the Parents & Teachers in the interest of the students.
  4. Liaise with the parents, students and the Board of Directors.

The establishment of the Booster Club in 2015 was major development in the direct support for the athletics and performing arts at ABA. By providing hospitality at our big events, selling spirit items and running mini-events to fund raise, the Booster Club has provided much in support of the teams and participants in events.

The main part of the school’s operating expenses are salary and benefit costs, which represent approximately 80% of tuition income.  The school also has a separate Building and Capital Replacement Fund, which is exclusively kept for the purpose of campus enhancement.  Additional funds (raised primarily through sponsorship programs or fund- raising efforts) bridge the gap between tuition fees and the actual cost of running the school.

Every year, ABA relies on fund raising efforts and gifts from the local community.  This philanthropic support ensures that ABA teachers have the resources they need to provide innovative programs and embark on new initiatives.  Committed, caring, challenging ABA teachers and support staff spend their time giving to their students.  Their dedication has created the rigorous curricula and imaginative extra-curricular programs that develop each student’s strengths; brings up-to-date technology into every classroom and throughout the teaching and learning process; and ensures the students exposure to the wealth of learning opportunities outside the classroom.

During the past three decades ABA has provided an invaluable educational service to many residents of the Muscat community whether ex-patriate or local. The parents and students, in part because of their positive experience at the ABA, become ambassadors for Oman and for the wonderful benefits of a multi-cultural international community.

We believe our vision and focus will continue to keep ABA in the forefront of international schools locally and internationally.  Above all, it is our hope that we will continue to exert a powerful influence on the quality of life and learning for our students.