Giving back to our local community and those abroad has always played a big role in ABA’s history and that of the ABA Alumni Association. A charity that ABA and its alumni have supported from inception is the Paul Uche Memorial Foundation.



Paul Uche, ABA alumnus - class of 2009, passed away from leukemia in June 2014 in Toronto, Canada at the age of twenty three, not long after graduating from MIT.  During his short life Paul was actively involved in bringing people together and helping those in need. He was a founding member of ABA’s branch of Students Against Prejudice and his SAP experiences in Uganda at the African Service Summit of 2009 deepened his determination to make a difference in the world. The universities of MIT, Stanford and Yale recognized that he was special and each offered him a place. 



In memory of his son, Paul’s father has set up the Paul Uche Memorial Foundation; the Foundation keeps Paul’s legacy alive through its work in bringing people together to help alleviate human suffering.  This includes equipping the under privileged for sustainable self-help. 



The Foundation’s first project was the renovation of a run-down health clinic, the only health facility in Paul’s ancestral hometown of Igbere, Nigeria where he now rests. Half the size of a football field, the building was underequipped, with leaking roof and no reliable water or power supply. During the academic year 2014-15 ABA conducted a concerted fund raising drive. The ABA community’s support was incredible and contributed significantly to the official opening of the renovated clinic in December 2015. The clinic is the only source of medical support within a 10 mile radius.  It also serves as a counseling clinic and community meeting place for mothers with young babies. 



Paul’s parents, Ng and Ngozi, visited ABA in December 2016 and informed us that ABA’s continuing support is vital to the further development of the clinic. Currently there are only two doctors who visit once a week on Friday mornings.  Resident doctors are badly needed, and therefore funds raised by ABA this year will go towards accommodation and salaries. 



Please assist us with our ongoing fund-raising for this worthwhile cause by contacting ABA’s business office.




On a related note – congratulations to Paul’s big brother Bernie who got married this month!



Diana Malik  May 2017




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