Velika Talyarkhan
  • Class: 2003
  • Location: Muscat

I graduated from ABA in 2003 and lived in Cambridge, London and Barcelona, before coming full circle and moving back to Muscat in 2008.

I now work as a Sustainability Consultant at Ernst & Young, in an office just minutes away from the ABA campus! I've been back to the school a number of times since graduating and no matter how much the campus changes, it always feels like home.

Our teachers made the school an unforgettable place. During my brief stint teaching English as a foreign language, I realised exactly how creative and dedicated our teachers were to bring our subjects to life. They made the planning seem so effortless!

My favourite aspect of school life (aside from all the travelling) was the constant celebration of diversity. I loved having friends, many of whom I am still in touch with today, from all over the world. I loved that there were so many opinions and ways of working all under one roof. I will always remember ABA as a warm and inclusive school and I hope it remains the same for many generations.