Rory Fraser
  • Class: 2003

What have I been doing since graduation, you ask? Let’s see...
I started at Mount Allison University (located in Sackville, NB, Canada) in the fall of 2003, and immediately fell in love with the small university, as the close-knit community atmosphere was perfect for a long-time ABA student such as myself. Over the next 6-7 years, I meandered through the various programs at MtA, and finally managed to get my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations.

During most of my time in Sackville I worked at the local coffee shop, slinging espresso at the hipster customers, listening to local indie music and honing my skills as a barista. I also worked my way into the Admissions Department at the university, and worked there for a year as part of the recruitment team. It was wonderful to be able to help shape the institution that had given me so much, but I decided it was time for even further education (what good is one degree anyway?), and applied to the University of Hong Kong in 2009 to enter the Masters of Library and Information Management program. After moving to Hong Kong and completing my Masters in 2011, I got a job working in the Primary School library at the French International School of Hong Kong. Thank goodness I had taken French from Mme O’Neill, as the entire library catalog was in French! During my two years in Hong Kong, I was fortunate to meet up with two old friends from ABA: Shehan Fernando and Joo-Young Ha (both Class of 2003)! Shehan and I managed to fit in a squash game or two, and Joo-Young came all the way from South Korea just to see me.
I’m delighted to say that I have returned to ABA as the new Elementary Teacher-Librarian as of August 2012 (I’m not sure how the hiring process works here, but thankfully they did not check my IB scores). It has been an amazing experience to be able to come back to the school after being away for 10 years, and I really enjoy getting to teach all 460+ students that come to the library. If you’re ever in town, please feel free to drop by the library: so far I’ve seen both Dagmar Vermeer (Class of 1998) and Skye Kakoschke (Class of 2004)!