Veena Thomas


 So here I am, in the same classrooms, working with some of the same teachers who taught me years ago. I joined ABA in grade 5 and, after graduating in 2009, I headed to France in order to follow my ambition of becoming a French teacher. Although university life was a whole new experience, the memories from ABA will always be cherished.

I am currently in my final semester of my Masters in teaching French as a foreign language and at present, I am back at ABA doing an internship for 6 months with the school's foreign language department. Coming back to ABA and working here has been a dream come true for me and I am extremely thankful to the school, especially to my colleagues for their warm welcome and for making my experience here valuable. This internship has definitely reinforced my passion for teaching and has shown me that this indeed is a career that I will enjoy. Once I complete my post graduation, I would like to pursue my career in teaching French in an international community.